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Explore a global career 
as an Elder Care Nursing Asst in Japan

Whether you are a Fresher or an Experienced Nursing professional from India, you can prepare towards a global career in Japan. The country is in need of approx 320,000 new care assistants by 2025, and by 2040 it will reach 690,000*. This offers a huge opportunity for Indian youths with nursing background (fresher & experienced) to join the Japanese Elder Care Industry and settle for a high-paying career in the third largest economy in the world. Your projected savings in just three years can be as high as Rs 18-25 Lakhs**. 


*source -
**after successful completion of program and placement in Japan


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ANM | GNM | B.Sc. (Nursing)

Batch starting soon

Program includes

Japanese Language & Culture Training

N5 (Basic) & N4 (Intermediate) -approx 400 hrs


Japanese Elder Care Training (direct from Japan) in India


Attempt Japanese Govt. certification exams after course completion


Get appointment confirmation after job interviews & selection


Fly to Japan & start working

The residential training program offered by Youth4Japan is specially curated to facilitate eligible youths in learning the Japanese language and provide dedicated training under the expert mentorship of highly certified trainers from both India and Japan, towards becoming a Japanese eldercare nursing Asst. with a highly rewarding career.

Japanese Parasols

Towards a global career in Elder Care Nursing

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Elderly  care nursing assistants generally have a very high level of job satisfaction. They know their work is deep work, it's important work; it's about gratitude, it's about caring and being grateful. It's a very rewarding and satisfying setting to be in. However, in India we still have a long way to build careers and give importance and respect to those who care for our aged loved ones. Therefore, a career in overseas destinations like Japan, especially for those with a nursing background is one of the most sought-after choices. The projected advantages for the same are as under.

Benefits of becoming a Caregiver in Japan

Skilled in a Japanese Language and Culture

Opportunity to work in a 1st World Safe Country

Develop high level of skills in caring for the elderly and use that as a big advantage in your home country.

Opportunity to become a Japanese certified care giver and obtain a working visa.

Guaranteed stable income and opportunity to create large financial savings.

Create a good  and secured future for self and family.

New Batch Starts Soon

Small Street in Japan


Japan Centre of Excellence (Jaceex) through their Youth4Japan initiative, assist the youth of Northeast India to avail higher learning and global career opportunities in Japan. Many reputed organizations in Japan require a JLPT certification of N3 level or higher from foreign candidates during their application. This is more so if applying under any private scholarships.

Apart from preparing students for JLPT, the Youth4Japan platform also caters to ‘Study-Skill-Work’ programs which includes integrated courses combining JLPT certification and placement opportunities for skill-based sectors in Japan. Other focus areas of the platform include development of ‘Japan Ready manpower’ from NE India under TITP and SSW Programs; introduction of high-quality human resources to Japanese companies seeking global talent and internship opportunities in Japan along with student exchange programs.

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