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Work and job opportunities have grown up tremendously off late in Japan due to certain reasons. With the Government of Japan allowing foreign students to come and work with them, tremendous opportunity of developing Japanese standard skill sets as well as earning good fortune has boomed up. Being one of the world’s leading economies, the country offers perfect working environment and companies are well known for taking extremely good care of their employees. Moreover, Japanese companies being situated globally give one the chances of working globally too.

  • Caregiver, agriculture, construction, machinery and metals, textile, fishing, food manufacturing, automobile are few of the leading sectors where there is extreme demand of workforce. On the other hand Translator/Interpreter/BPO jobs are also available at plenty and are purely dependent upon one’s linguistic skill sets.


Opportunities for Indians in Japan:


  • Engineering Graduates: (IT / Telecom / ENTC /Comp Science etc.): There is a huge shortage and hence a big demand for web, Mobile, Game, Systems, Embedded Software engineers.

  • Engineering Graduates: (Mechanical / Civil): Construction and Infrastructure and manufacturing jobs, both in Japan as well with Japanese Companies working in India.

  • Health Care and Hospitality Management Professionals:Since Japan is an ageing society, elder care becomes its top priority. Moreover, being an international hub Japan attracts huge number of visitors across various traits and thus its hospitality sector becomes a prominent one for the country.

  • Other Professionals and School Pass / Diploma Holders: Elder Care and Nursing, Retail, Agriculture, Hospitality, Airlines, Construction, Electric Power Production and Distribution, Senior Living Care, manufacturing Trade, Auto Services, Maintenance and Support, Information Technology, Tourism etc.

  • Management Students: Supply chain management, trading, engineering management, retail management, operations, support services to industries etc.

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