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Your ticket to live in Japan

Learn the language and coach for JLPT certification

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Learn the 9th most widely spoken language in the world!

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Why Choose Japan as a Study / Work Destination?

Japan offers a rich culture & lifestyle experience that is hard to ignore. Here, traditions are carefully preserved and beautifully reflected in their food, art, literature and lifestyle. Apart from their exquisite cultural heritage and breathtaking places to explore, Japan also makes for a great destination for students and working professionals. As the third-strongest economy in the world, Japan offers -

World-class education with relatively lower tuition fees & generous scholarships

Excellent scope for high-income career with 5x higher earning for skill-based professionals

Learning Japanese as a foreign language allows you to explore infinite growth verticals in your higher studies and career. Make the opportunity count and begin your preparation with Jaceex.


Designed for Beginners

Course 2

(150 - 200 hrs)

Prepare for N5 starting with 110 kanjis and learn to take part in daily conversation in Japanese with basic comprehension.


(150 - 200 hrs)

After clearing N5, learn 300 kanjis for your N4 preparation to gain intermediate fluency in daily Japanese conversations.


(200 - 250 hrs)

Gain higher efficiency with 600 kanjis and 3000 words for your N3 preparation and master official conversations in Japanese.


Get Global JLPT Cetification

New batches starting Soon


Japan Centre of Excellence (Jaceex) through their Youth4Japan initiative, assist the youth of Northeast India to avail of higher learning and global career opportunities in Japan. One of the popular programs offered is the Japanese Language and Culture Training, which imparts Japanese language courses in various levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) as per the curriculum of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Many reputed organizations and universities in Japan require a JLPT certification of N3 level or higher from foreign candidates during their application. This is more so if applying under any private scholarships.

Apart from preparing students for JLPT, the Youth4Japan platform also offers career counselling and facilitation in the  admission process to Japanese Universities. For youths looking for career opportunities in Japan, the ‘Study-Skill-Work’ program offers integrated courses which combines JLPT certification and placement opportunities for skill-based sectors in Japan. Other focus areas of the platform include development of ‘Japan Ready manpower’ from NE India under TITP and SSW Programs; introduction of high-quality human resources to Japanese companies seeking global talent and internship opportunities in Japan along with student exchange programs.

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